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Kodak CleAR Lens Treatment

Why make your eyes work any harder than they have to? Your vision works by processing light through your eyes, and ordinary lenses reflect approximately 8% of light away from the eye. However, you can gain clearer vision with Kodak CleAR Lens Treatment, which works to eliminate all reflections.

Kodak CleanNClear Lens Treatment - Anti-reflection with built in dirt & water repelling properties

Gain all the benefits of Kodak CleAR lenses with the added benefit of CLEAN- ability. Its hydrophobic properties also allows water to run off easily.

Kodak Progressive lenses are our standard varifocal lenses. They offer a distance area and an intermediate area, combined with a wide reading area, so that your eyes can adapt to different focal lengths with ease. The back surface of the lens has different curves to reduce peripheral astigmatism - the distorted vision which can happen because the eye is not spherical.

Kodak Progressive lenses are available in a choice of materials from conventional plastic through to ultra thin 1.74 and are tailored to individual prescriptions.

Kodak Concise™ Progressive Lenses

Kodak Concise is an enhanced varifocal lens designed specifically for modern shallow frames. The compact design of the Kodak Concise Lens means that you are not limited to larger frame styles as with some other varifocal designs and still have great vision at all distances.

With a traditional varifocal lens, a minimum depth of frame is required to ensure that you can fit both the distance area and the reading area into the frame. The Kodak Concise Lens is designed to fit into a shallow frame while providing you maximum reading area.

Nearly all Kodak Concise Lenses are supplied with RLX Plus®, the world's most scratch resistant plastic lens surface, as standard.

Kodak Precise™ Progressive Lenses

Kodak Precise is our premium enhanced varifocal lens with a wide near zone for natural eye movement, a smooth transitional zone and clear distance zone. Kodak Precise Lenses offer clear natural vision at all distances, scientifically developed using a revolutionary new mathematical process called Vision First Design. Whichever way you look and at whatever distance, everything is sharp and with minimal distortion or blurring, similar to a single vision lens.

Kodak Precise Progressive Lenses are great for driving, reading, watching television, working on the computer - anything in fact where fast, clear natural vision is required.

Nearly all Kodak Precise Lenses are supplied with RLX Plus®, the world's most scratch resistant plastic lens surface, as standard.

Kodak Unique Progressive Lenses

The Kodak Unique Lens is an innovative varifocal lens designed to be as individual as you are. Every pair of Kodak Unique Lenses is designed specifically for you, taking into account your prescription and frame choice resulting in a pair of spectacle lenses closely tailored to your visual requirements. Unlike traditional varifocal lenses, the individual design of the Kodak Unique Lens means that a wider range of frames are open to you, including many fashionable more shallow frames. It has also been scientifically developed to minimize blurring or the 'swim' sensation associated with traditional varifocal lenses.

Your Kodak Unique lenses are designed using advanced Vision First Technology. This and our state of the art manufacturing processes mean that your Kodak Unique lenses meet exacting standards of vision, individual to you.

Standard plastic spectacle lenses have done a satisfactory job for many years in correcting vision, but new materials and modern technology have enabled Kodak Lens to develop a range of Kodak Thin & Lite Lenses in single vision, bifocal and varifocal designs.

Kodak Thin & Lite Lenses are up to 65% thinner and 45% lighter than standard plastic lenses, making your glasses better looking and also more comfortable to wear.

The Kodak Thin & Lite Lens materials range from 1.56 index to 1.74 index (the world's thinnest plastic lens material). As a rough guide, the higher the index number the thinner the lens, but choice of frame will also affect the finished thickness of your lenses.

Kodak Thin & Lite Lens - 1.56

Up to 38% flatter, 32% lighter and 30% thinner than standard plastic lenses

Due to the aspheric nature of the 1.56 lens, it is actually thinner than a 1.6 non-aspheric lens. Aspheric design allows flatter, thinner lenses and enhanced vision. Kodak Thin & Lite 1.56 lenses come with RLX Plus® as standard.

1.498 and 1.56 Index Lens at -4.00

Kodak Thin & Lite Lens - 1.67

Up to 53% flatter, 45% lighter and 45% thinner than standard plastic lenses

Kodak Thin & Lite 1.67 Aspheric Lenses are one of the thinnest and lightest plastic lenses available in the Kodak Lens range. Ideally, they should be combined with a Kodak CleAR Lens Treatment or Kodak Clean 'N' CleAR lens Treatment.

ak Thin & Lite Lens - 1.74

Up to 65% thinner than standard plastic lenses - the worlds thinnest plastic lens material

  • Up to 42% thinner than 1.6 material
  • Up to 15% thinner than 1.67 material
  • Most powers only 1.1 mm center substance
  • Ultra thin super-high index 1.74 plastic lens
  • FDA standard high-impact and scratch resistant hard treatment
  • 99% glare free, hi vision multi-layer anti-reflection treatment
  • Flat base curve, aspheric design
  • UV ray absorbing

Kodak 3
1.498 and 1.74 Index Lens at -4.00